The Secret Connection

Please do tell your friends and family about The Secret Connection!

The show is even better when you know other people on at the same time.

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  • Confirmation email. This should be with you in next 30 seconds or so (if not in your main email box, please check junk).
  • Your Box to arrive in the post (approximately 3 or 4 days before the show time). Please do open the packaging, where you will receive a letter and invitation from us for the show, but please do not open the box itself. This will happen during the show.
  • An Email reminder the day before the show
  • An Email around 2pm on your specified show day – this will contain the Zoom link



We will need you to send us the details of the additional guests joining the show. You will have just received your confirmation email (if you haven’t it might well be in your Junk Mail). Please reply to this email including Name, Address (for the Interactive Box) and Email Address (for the Zoom link).

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