The Secret Connection

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"This looks like real magic"
Sky News

"Our minds are putty in the magician's skilled hands"
Lyn Gardner, Stagedoor

"Measured and progressive, fun and engaging, connection achieved"
Critical Popcorn


"The Secret Connection is far and away the most enjoyable 75 minutes I have spent on Zoom or anywhere else for a long time!" LondonTheatre1


"The onlookers – both young and old – are clearly entertained throughout, and hang on each of Houstoun’s words"
The Upcoming

About The Secret Connection

In a time when we need a connection with others more than ever, join award-winning magician Dr Will Houstoun for an exclusive online interactive show, via Zoom. The show is the perfect event for your company social, family online get together, friend’s birthday or other social occasion. Only 30 screens will experience the direct magical connection at each show, so get your tickets now before they sell out.

Will Houstoun Holding Card - The Secret Connection
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Most asked questions:

1. How many tickets do I need to buy?

One Ticket = One Device = One Household

You need one ticket per household. The show is designed for one or two people, but up to four can enjoy the show around the screen. Of course, we encourage you to invite those in different households to also buy a ticket and they can then join you.

2. I want a ticket, what do I need to do?

First thing, you need to buy a ticket – these are available on our Tickets Page. Once you have done this, we will send your confirmation, and approximately 4 days before the show you will receive your Box, don’t open this until instructed during the show. 24 hours before the show we will send you a custom Zoom link to join the call. You will need to have downloaded Zoom (it’s free), and be prepared to turn on your webcam for the show. That’s all!

3. How long is the show?

The show is approximately 75-minutes with a 5-minute break in the middle for you to top up your drinks.

4. How much are tickets and what do I get?

The Secret Connection tickets are £49, which includes your household device ticket to the Zoom magic show as well an exclusive custom box containing props for the show, and a pack of Limited Edition custom playing cards.

5. Who is the show suitable for?

The Secret Connection doesn’t contain any adult content. Under 18s are more than welcome. Whilst the show was devised for adults, young ones from 4 up have been loving the magic and we want to be as welcoming as possible. Under 18s will need to be accompanied by an adult to watch the show. 

6. What is a relaxed show?

We realise that our standard showtimes are after kids bedtimes, so we’ve introduced our relaxed performances. Whilst every show is different, you will still see the standard magic show, there might be a bit more noise than normal, but we want everyone to be able to experience The Secret Connection. These are available to purchase on our Tickets Page.

7. Can I book a private show for my work team?

Absolutely. We have a number of options available for private bookings. We can customise the timing and length of the show to suit your requirements and our Events Team will work with you to make sure your corporate or private booking is a huge success.

See Dr Will Houstoun in action...

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